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Removing topological phase relation notation on drawing

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

There are cases where "topological phase relation" such as D-shape milling surface is indicated on cylindrical shape parts such as shafts, pistons, and valves. In this case, production is limited to some equipment that can process the workpiece in a single chucking operation, such as a CNC multi-tasking machine, which leads to higher machining costs.

If the topological phase relation is not required, the products do not need to be machined with a single chucking operation, so it can be machined with a combination of single tasking CAM type automatic lathe machines & milling machines, instead of using a CNC multi-tasking machines, which enable cost reductions.

Removing topological phase relation notation on drawing could provide us more flexible choices of machining process and it could optimize process costs.

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