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Hiraoka Sangyo

Centering on the land of Oume in Tokyo which is endowed with nature and which grew with the river Tama, production of modern cotton textile products became popular, and later the products started to be nationally known with brand names such as "Oumejima" or "Oumeyaguji".

When Oume developed as a post-station town of Koshu-Urakaido Road, textile products were sold to locations all over Japan through the hands of wholesalers. Our company, since establishment in 1907 as "Hiraoka textile" was shipping our unique bedding products which were manufactured in our company and received many awards. They were produced by using paper templates to print various patterns on the textiles, and after printing the patterns they were woven.

Due to structural recession of textile industry which happened later, our business shifted to manufacturing of high precision drawing machines with renaming of the company name to “HIRAOKA SANGYO Co., Ltd.” and in 1970's we have started manufacturing of high-precision metal turned parts. We have built current foundation of the company by steadily accumulating techniques and expanding our business including manufacturing of shafts for car stereos and audio equipment.

Photo of Hiraoka Sangyo Founder Sezaburo Hiraoka

Founder Sezaburo Hiraoka

Hiraoka Sangyo Cotton textile photo

Cotton textile


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