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E&H is Digital Transforming.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

"Digital transformation (DX) is the implementation of digital technologies in an organization. The common goal of its implementation is to increase efficiency, value, or innovation." (*1)

As the first step of our DX journey, we have started to develop a number of applications to digitize information that has not been digitized.

In order to reduce the difficulty of reusing data that is recorded on papers and the duplication of data input jobs, as well as to improve the convenience of the approval process, we phased out recording data on papers and replaced it with data entry on digital applications on PCs or mobile devices. This change also made us paperless that has also contributed to reductions in printing costs and made us an environment friendly organization. We currently using applications such as inspection records, machine tool repair requests, process change applications, and new supplier registration applications.

Next, we have started utilizing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) as a cost and human error reduction measure for repetitive tasks, mainly in the office departments.

Extracting and loading data between the systems and inputting data has been automated by robots to reduce labor costs and errors. Data is extracted and aggregated from the existing systems to create periodical reports such as for sales, accounting and production reports.

In the manufacturing department, in order to grasp whether more than 1,000 machine tools such as automatic lathes and grinding machines, which are manufactured on multiple floors in multiple factories, are operating as planned. We use a technology called IoT to digitally retrieve real-time operation status and production quantity information from nearly 100 CNC automatic lathing machines and visualize them in a single view dashboard to reduce downtime.

In addition, in order to promote data-driven decision making approach, we are building logic that utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to detect abnormal patterns and changes in trends in sales orders from a vast amount of data that cannot be processed by human capacity, and to provide feedback to the production planning team to help them improve the efficiency of raw material arrangements and personnel allocation.

On the other hand, as data and devices increase, security and networks need to be improved.

We have implemented monitoring the activities of each devices, backing up data in a secure location as a BCP measure against cyber-attacks and natural disasters, and using multiple internet providers to secure backup internet lines in case of emergencies.

We, E&H Precision group has its branches in Japan, Thailand, India and Mexico with nearly 1,000 CNC Automatic lathe turning machines to produce over million products daily to secure the stable delivery to various industries.

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