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Introducing RPA to reduce costs

Updated: May 10, 2022

When humans work, something happens.

The more people work, the more variety of results come out.

Some of them are good results, of course, but there is also something wrong that happens like low value-added repeatable tasks, incomplete tasks, missing tasks, delayed tasks, typos, miscalculation, and sending wrong emails, what can we do with them?

In 2019, we have introduced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate routine office tasks to cut costs by improving operational efficiency.

For example, let's say that an employee prepares a monthly expense report from the accounting system and sends it by e-mail to the relevant parties.

  1. It's the same simple repetitive task every month, but it costs a lot of money.

  2. The employee is too busy with other tasks or too understaffed to do the report in the first place.

  3. The employee is on a paid vacation that day and forgets to prepare the report.

  4. The employee has resigned or been transferred, and is not yet familiar with the reporting process, thus cannot meet the deadline.

  5. Due to the large number of digits, the employee makes a mistake in reading or typing, and the numbers are wrong.

  6. The data is wrong in the end due to referring to old data by mistake.

  7. Typos for product names, resulting in wrong information.

  8. An email address is entered incorrectly, and the email is not delivered.

These are just a few examples of concerns.

In fact, there is not only accounting reports, but also you will need inventory reports, operation reports, quality reports, and many other reports have such concerns, and in some cases, these small errors can be critical.

With the introduction of RPA, the aforementioned various errors will be reduced and we can work with peace of mind.

  1. Since the robot performs everything, there is no labor cost for the work.

  2. Since the robot performs the work, it is not affected by capabilities.

  3. The robot will automatically execute the task according to the schedule, so there will be no missing tasks.

  4. Since the task is programmed (AI is also available), there is no need to be trained.

  5. Since it is a robot, there will be no misreading or typos.

We have talented engineers in-house to design and develop RPA tasks, so developments can be smoothly brought into operation. We are now automating more than 15 work tasks per year to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of office operations.

Thank you for reading.


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