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What are ”Spindle types” for CNC turning machines?

In turning, cutting is performed by pressing a cutting tool against a material that is rotating with the spindle.

Automatic lathes can be broadly classified into two types based on the spindle movement method.

  1. “Fixed Spindle type”

  2. “Spindle Traverse type(which is also called ‘Peterman’ or ‘Swiss-type’)”

Both of which differ in terms of specific machining, materials, shapes, etc. It is important to understand what type of processing machines are used by manufacturing sites and suppliers.

The spindle of an ordinary CNC lathe is a “fixed spindle type”, in which the material remains fixed and does not move back and forth, but the cutting tools move.

On the other hand, an automatic lathe performs continuous machining from a rod material, but the spindle moves back and forth with the material and contacts the cutting tools. “Spindle Traverse type" machining can achieve high-precision machining because of the short and constant distance between the cutting tool and the point to be machined, which is supported by the guide bushings. Also, by regripping the material, even long shafts and pins can be machined with high precision.

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