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Number of Automatic Lathe Machines Reached 1,000 units

We are pleased to announce that the total number of automatic lathe machine owned by our group companies, the Thai subsidiary E&H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the India subsidiary E&H Precision India Pvt. Ltd. has reached 1,000 units.

This will enable us to receive orders for larger lot sizes, more stable production, more reliable delivery, and lower prices than ever before.

Number of automatic lathing machine by location:

E&H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.: 720 units

E&H Precision India Pvt. Ltd.: 287 units

Automatic lathing machine by manufacturer:




Murata Machinery, Ltd.  

Our lathing part manufacturing business has started at our head office in Tokyo, Japan in 1972, the Thai subsidiary in Chonburi Province, eastern Thailand since 1995, now employees over 750, and the Indian subsidiary in Rajasthan, western India since 2010, now employees over 550.

We manufacture Shafts, Pins, Pistons, Valves, Collars, Plungers, Sleeves and Rollers from Steel (Free-cutting steel, Carbon steel, HSS, etc.), Stainless Steel (Austenitic and Martensitic), Brass, Copper, and Aluminum, mainly for the automotive, motorcycle, electrical, and air conditioner industries.

We specialize in machining parts and now having extensive machining capacity with diameters of 20mm (about 0.79 in) or less.

In the future, we also plan to manufacture machined parts for Aviation, Medical, and other industries.

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