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How each Cutting Tool on Lathing machines works?

A cutting tool is a tool used to cut or shave metal into a certain shape.

A cutting tool itself is harder than the object to be shaped, and Shaping the object by hitting or pressing against the object and shaving its surface. Therefore, cutting tools must be made of materials that are resistant to wear and chipping.

Cutting tools are mainly used attached to machine tools such as CNC turning machines, and their shapes differ depending on the processing method.


There are cutting tools for Drilling, Turning, Tapping, Reaming, Milling as below


Drills are basic machining tool with a cutting edge at its tip, and it generally equipped with helical grooves to facilitate chip evacuation and coolant lubrication.

These grooves prevent machining defects caused by entanglement and adhesion of chips.


Turning bits have a cutting edge on the end of a metal rod.


Tapping is a cutting tool used to cut threads (female threads).

In particular, drilling a threaded hole for machined parts with many threaded parts.


Reamers are cutting tools used to finish the inside diameter and surface roughness of holes drilled.

Reamers are indispensable cutting tools for machining holes which require high precision.


Milling is a cutting tool widely used in lathe parts.

End mills, which are called universal tools, are also a type of milling tool and can efficiently cut flat surfaces, sides, grooves, and slits in workpieces.

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