• Naoki Shibata

"Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” training

Over 100 new members (including contract and temporary employees) join our company annually in some years and they are assigned to various departments to deliver better products to our customers at lower prices. In practice, groups of several people who joined the company at the same time attend a several-day training program for new members before starting work at their assigned departments. Therefore, in some years we offer the same training course more than 30 times a year.

We began to look into ways to improve the training program after realizing that the same trainings were repeatedly implemented and that the contents varied among instructors even though there were textbooks available.

In addition to training for new employees, we also provide regular training for our existing employees, but all of these courses are scheduled at specific times, and there have been cases of employees missing training due to work-related emergencies or absences.

So we decided to introduce video training to solve all these problems.

First, members of our training team shoot videos, each up to 15 minutes long, and edit them to add subtitles and emphasis symbols.

Then, the videos are stored in a video storage application called EhTube (see image below), developed on Microsoft Office365, which has been implemented at all of our group branches. More than 30% of our employees have access to this application at any time and any place, so they can take the training on their own time.

The videos are tagged (in yellow at the bottom of the screen) by category, such as manufacturing, inspection, quality, safety, etc., for easy searching, and viewers can give a 5-star rating and provide feedback through comments.

The system is also linked to a survey application that allows viewers to take a post-training multiple-choice test to measure the effectiveness of their training in real time.

Today, a total of 85 videos (nearly 10 hours in total), including the following, are available on EhTube for “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone" training.

  • How to perform a start-up inspection on an automatic CNC lathe machines

  • How to use a micrometer

  • How to write an inspection report

  • How to set up an automatic CNC turning machines

  • How to inspect cutting tools

  • How to measure cutting fluid

  • Product inspection procedures

In the future, we would like to translate the language spoken by the instructor in the video to make it an "at-a-glance" standard within the group companies.


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